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Viking Tour -IH

Do you want to test the strength of the Icelandic horse? Are you an experienced rider? Then these tours are for you!

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We ride on excellent riding paths across stunning lava fields, crossing Kaldá River, around Mt. Helgafell or into Heiðmörk Nature Park. Our Viking Tour starts with an introductory ride in the morning. After lunch at the Riding Centre we head out again and try the different gaits of the Icelandic horse. Be prepared to ride trot, tölt or a short canter and really experience the versatility of the Icelandic horse. Our Viking Tour Express joins the Viking Tour in the afternoon. Choice of route depends on the season and weather.

Departures: Daily at 10:00. Transfer from hotels and guesthouses starts at 8:30.
Transfer back to hotels and guesthouses starts at 16:15.

horses Viking tour

Riding Centre: The Íshestar Riding Centre is unique here in Iceland with facilities as good as they get. It's set in beautiful surroundings just outside the town of

Hafnarfjörður, about 10 minutes drive from Reykjavík. The facilities and the fascinating area provide endless opportunities of riding, hiking and other outdoor activities.

We welcome individuals, families and all kinds of groups who want to enjoy themselves outdoors. The facilities offer people an easy way to enjoy our horses and the experience of our staff will ensure the safety of all our guests.

The locker room of the Riding Centre is well equipped. All customers are provided with warm overalls, raingear, riding boots and helmets in their sizes. The Íshestar staff takes pride in finding horses to suit individual needs as well as secure the safety of everybody.

Price:  109 EUR
Duration: 6- 7 hours (incl. transfers)
Riding:  4,5 - 5 hour riding
Departure: 10:00
Transfer from hotels starts at 8:30
Riding skills:  Intermediate riders
- Comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length trots (tölt) and short canters.

hestarViking1Included in package: Transfers to and from the Riding Centre, horse riding as per itinerary, lunch at the Riding Centre, riding helmets, rubber boots, and rainwear or a warm outfit during the ride. English and Scandinavian speaking guidance. Please note that you cannot take any backpacks or bags with you on the ride, but there are safety boxes at the Riding Centre where you can store your valuables.

Riding gear (riding boots, riding trousers, jackets, hats, gloves, etc.) needs to be washed (40°C), dry cleaned or disinfected before arriving in Iceland. Used leather gear may not be brought into the country.